The Unit

The Unit

If you are not one of the 31 million who watch The Unit, you should be, not only because it is a good series but because a good friend of mine is one of the actors. Today, I am talking to you about The Unit because I want to use it as a teaching aid.

Use your psychic ability to tell me which actor/actress is my friend and I will email if you get the right one. What I want you to do is to see my spirit. Just focus and concentrate. Next look at the person’s sex, whether male of female. I’ll help. I have many of both. Now wasn’t that a big help? Start looking at hair color after you get the sex. Focus on who would feel good with my energy and you should have my friend.

Good hunting.

Da Juana

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  1. ReplyPeriwinkle
    Hi - Would your friend be Regina Taylor who plays Molly.
  2. Replychrmd4sure
    I don't know his name but I think it is the older man who was once in the unit but was injured and is now in a wheelchair.

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