The United States economy…

The United States economy is not just on its citizen’s mind but is on the minds of the world as well.More... 

Every working class citizen knows that.  But the mothers of those families know it even better, whether they’re working out of the home or not.  Mothers felt the recession long before reporters began to warn us of its impact.

Group consciousness has been proven, as reporters said yesterday, to increase the probability of better or worse conditions.  As they reported, it’s in the president’s hands.  His message could lift our spirits and make the economy better or make the economy worse by negative words.  (Haven’t I mentioned the power of words?)  Most think he gave a positive address to the country Tuesday night.

From my point of view, the reporters are right about the group consciousness.  When just one believes it’ll only get worse and passes that message along to others, it will.  Think about times when you’ve thought you were on the bottom in your life.  Everything had gone wrong, or so you thought.  The one bright ray might have been your refrigerator continued to work.  That is until you thought about it.  Being in the conscious mode of being at the worst time of your life you may have thought, oh my.  What else can go wrong?  The fridge will probably poop out.  And it did.

Conscious thought impacted the very thing that you held out as the last good possibility in your life.  You gave credence to the fact that it’d probably go out because everything else was bad in your life and it did as you thought.

Is that what I see happening in the United States?  No!  I see people believing that it’ll get better because I can see the energy of their consciousness.  It will take a little while to get everyone on board but they’re coming.  Mass perception can make our world a better place if everyone believes good will come.  A little over half our population has that hope in mind now.  Let’s build upon it, even if at this time, things are bad in your home.  Look forward to better.

Da Juana