The USA’s Psychic Consiousness

Psychically the mass consciousness of the United States is creating problems for us in the future. Our spirit has grown so much angrier since Ronald Reagan left office. Politics, as you’ve heard me say before, has become a breeding ground for our congregate souls to generate the worst possible scenario for our country.

Have you ever noticed someone who’s always down and out complain that they never get what they want? Take the case of a person who’s car broke down, they’re in debt up to their eyeballs, their children are sick and at the doctors and they tell all their workmates and anyone who’ll listen how bad they have it. They also say that nothing else can be taken but it can.  They lose their job. See there’s always a little something extra that can happen.

I hear more about God now than almost ever since I’ve been born but I wonder how many people even believe what they’re saying or are listening for that matter. God bless you has almost become a curse word of sorts like have a good day. People don’t hear it and some say it just to have something to end the conversation with.

Remember God is Love, not anger. That doesn’t mean you have to always turn the other cheek but it does mean you need to think before you strike back and you need to do it with love.

This psychic medium would like our country to return to the feelings of pride and love that I’ve seen us give away over the last twenty years or more. The only way to do that is for us to change our attitude and then to put it into practice. And really, God bless the USA.

Da Juana Byrd