The value of brushing your teeth.

The value of brushing your teeth is something I’m very familiar with because I had surgery some years ago to correct a problem with my jaw.  Braces were part of the equation along with major surgery, which just happened to coincide with my death.  Maybe that’s why I think brushing your teeth is so important.  After braces and surgery, where I died and came back, brushing your teeth takes on more importance.More...

Though I brush my teeth several times a day, I only brush the girls teeth at night.  You know who the girls are.  They’re our puppies, Madeline and Mysti.  I’ve told you stories about their antics before.  Now we have a new one.  Madeline, since she is the youngest, is supposed to be submissive to the oldest.  Yeah!  Right! 

I brush Mysti’s teeth first, then Madeline’s. 

Well, for the past few nights we’ve been going through the routine of Madeline’s having to find her babies (dog and teddy) before going to bed.  Then sister (Mysti) gets her teeth brushed while in bed and because Madeline is like the other half of a quotation mark including her sister, she has to be in bed, like her sister, before she is willing to get her teeth brushed. 

We had been doing fine until a few days ago when Madeline went on strike.  Now, while I brush Mysti’s teeth, Madeline faces the other way.  Then the coaxing begins because she didn’t get her teeth brushed first. 

Last night, as she faced the opposite direction, I tried a new tact.  Like you would do with a child, I picked up her teddy bear and started acting like I was brushing its teeth, as if it were next in line.  Barely turning her head, she examined through narrowed eyes my attention to the bears teeth.  Then she slowly turned towards me, looked me in the eyes and I swear I heard her mention my name in an ungodly fashion as she quipped, “You put someone else in front of me now too.”

As I got up off my knees to clean her toothbrush and start my own night routine, I saw Madeline reach over to smell the bear’s mouth.  He still rates.  He didn’t get the same criticism I did from her.

Oh, I forgot to mention the ghost in the house last night.  I had to get up to go back into the kitchen to get some holistic allergy pills.  When I started down the hall I noticed a small black and brown dog at the back door.  It didn’t occur to me right then who’s dog it was until I got back into the bedroom with Claude and told him about it.  It was a Chihuahua who followed me back down the hall and did the growing larger thing until she was taller than me, like a bad cartoon just so I would notice more.  When I got into the bedroom, Claude asked whom I was speaking to.  I told him that it was our friend, Russ’s, dead puppy.

Happy July Fourth Eve.

Da Juana