The way to my heart.

Besides his nice bottom, pretty eyes and wonderful smile, the thing that impressed me most about my husband, Claude, was that on our first date, he picked my foot up and started rubbing it. I am not saying that I have a foot fetish but I am saying that it felt so good that I couldn’t let this man go.

Maybe it was something from my childhood. The church I attended had the old-fashioned foot washings. You know that is where your ego down enough to be able to wash another’s feet. I didn’t think about that at the time because what Claude did was not really akin to that. He made me feel good in a whole nother way.

Maybe it was the first boy who ever kissed me. The way he got to me was to have me lay on the ground. Get your mind away from there. Then he would stand up and rub my feet. Even then I thought that was the best kind of feeling. What I didn’t think about was that I was always wearing a dress. That’s all a girl or woman could wear in my religion. When you are getting your feet rubbed in that way, then a dress is definitely a drawback. Ronnie was his name. To say I was a little ignorant at that time and the psychic definitely didn’t apply when my feet felt so good was an understatement.

Claude kept on rubbing my feet. And times have changed now because I was the one who rubbed his for the last few years but I am glad that we are still able to rub each others’ feet.

Da Juana