The wind…..

You know that the wind is my friend if you’ve ever read my blog.  Today God’s doing something special for me.  The wind is blowing in gusts of 20-30 MPH and I’m in the house working.More... 

We have an overcast sky with warm temperatures and the most glorious wind.  When I was a little girl, the only time we had wind was when a storm was approaching.  Since I’ve lived in Texas, I get the wind.  Sometimes it’s just a mild breeze and at others, well, let’s say some here think it’s almost gale force but not me. 

There are times though when little Madeline and I walk outside that I think I might have to hold her down so that she can do her business without becoming a kite.  With her beautiful little skirt blowing in the breeze, she almost looks as thought she will take flight.  Thankfully, she doesn’t.

Right now I’m working and yearning for the outside.  Not fun when you have to start cooking, oh yeah, and I have to get some exercise too.  Maybe I can do it out of doors before nightfall. 

Da Juana