There are no accidents…..

There are no accidents in life although there might appear to be.  And we’re not born with the perfect road map either.  We create our lives just as surely as our birth. 
The one or two things I didn’t allow my young daughter to say to me was, “I never wanted to be born and I never wanted you as a mother.”  It wasn’t because it upset me that she said it.  It was because I knew better.  Even before I came out of the psychic closet, I knew.  I knew that we made choices while on the other side to come back to earth, even to which parents to whom we wanted to be born.  Not only that but we laid out some events in life that we wanted to make choices over and then, when we came to this side of life, we met those events head on and made those choices which were neither good nor bad.  Either way they made us realize that whatever we did, we could always make another choice.
Reasons for thinking about this type thing came this morning while Claude and I were discussing his love of flying.  And that’s not out of body either.  It’s in a real plane or helicopter.  You see, he could pilot both.  He made choices all those years ago when he wanted to become a commercial pilot flying for the larger airlines but that didn’t come to pass.  So he had to buy his own plane and settle for flying smaller amounts of people.  That was okay because he still got to do what he wanted in a lesser manner.
He related to me that if he had become a pilot for one of those airlines, he might never have met me.  With me, I always want people to get their hearts desire.  That’s what I would’ve wished for him too even though it might have meant we would’ve never met. 
Psychically, I started looking at what his life would have been like without me.  Not because I’m a wonderful person even though I am.  He didn’t look very happy but he would have had his dream job.  That prompted me to ask him if he wished he had been able to be an airline pilot if it meant that he wouldn’t have found love with me.
His face turned towards me, he closed his eyes for a moment, maybe a little too long really, then he looked up at me and said that he would have rather had the love than the dream job.  My husband wasn’t trying to impress me.  He’s just a romantic.  Much, much more than I.
Claude made me think about the manner in which we travel towards each other in life no matter how many states away and no matter whether we had ever thought of each other before the first time we laid eyes on each other.  What it took to ever lay eyes on each other was a feat in itself.
Just thinking.
Da Juana