There comes a time….

In each of our lives there comes a time when you experience something you’d rather not. I’ve been in the midst of very trying times, in a hot-and- heavy manner, starting with a friend’s mother’s death, then my dog’s, my brother’s, my father’s and a personal event that is still in process.

You’ve heard that old adage, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Well, I ought to be an iron-woman by now.

Dealing with death is something I’ve done all my life because, as you already know, I’ve seen ghosts’ since I was born, really before birth, but you’d want me to teach that between life class right now and it’s not possible today. That’s for another day. At any rate, even though family and friends dying around me hurts physically, I know there is actually no death at all. It’s just a rebirth to our natural form.

The only thing I can say for personal trying events is what I was taught by John, my ghostly first encounter while a baby. He said that I was always to hold my head up knowing that I’d done the best I could, if that in fact is what I’d done. And that my knowledge that I’d done the correct thing was enough. John told me that doing the right thing was the spiritual lesson that I had to learn and I’ve always tried. John also mentioned that I should hold my head up, throw my shoulders back and take on my world with the confidence that I’m right if I believe it in my heart.

Well, John, even though you’re rarely around, I’m sending you this message, “You’re words are haunting me now and I’m trying. Thank you for all you’ve done in preparing me for my life on earth and in dealing with spiritual situations as spiritual lessons is what life is all about.”

Let’s see now, shoulders back, head high. Got you!

Da Juana