There is a certain amount of tediousness in everyone’s lives.

There is a certain amount of tediousness in everyone’s lives. Living, by its very meaning, brings that. Detail oriented things have to be done in order to function and be able to eat but……having fun ought to be something that gets more attention than monotony.

Loving your career is the best form of getting rid of the tedious nature surrounding a nine-to-five job. That’s why I’m grateful I do for my job what I love. But mine isn’t just reading for people. My tediousness comes from having to sit in front a computer and write whatever comes to mind. Right now, it’s tediousness.

When I become upset I think of the good things I have such as extra-ordinary knowledge that can be imparted to others. The kind that makes your mouth drop open it’s so good. Believe me some people have that effect on me as well especially when they can enlighten me with some fact I didn’t know before. You’ve heard me mention that besides my psychic and medium gifts I thank God for my questioning mind. Education can’t be beat.

And when I’m playing dominoes with my friend, Richard, which isn’t tedious at all, it’s always good to have that extra help from the other side when I have to go to the graveyard for a helpful domino to play. Going to the graveyard in dominoes entails drawing dominoes from said graveyard until you get one that will actually play, in case you didn’t know. Well, I’m of the opinion that I should use everything at my disposal to get the fewest dominoes possible. You know so that he’ll have some to draw in the rare case he feels he needs to. So, as most women but few men will agree, I ask the other side for help and generally get it.

Richard is like most men in that he thinks that could be considered cheating because as he mentions he thinks I shouldn’t be using my “ESPN” to which I answer my gifts are part of me just as they are to him and he can use it too. This was after he watched me consistently draw the right domino each time from the graveyard. But to be fair he generally wins. Maybe that’s my karma.

When life gets tedious think of something that makes you smile such as the look on Richard’s face when he sees me request help from the other side and I pick up the very domino that will play immediately. You can’t beat those moments.

Da Juana

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