There is nothing in this world more relaxing or luxurious than a bath….

There is nothing in this world more relaxing or luxurious than a bath especially if you can take the time and add something like Epsom salts to make it even better. Relaxing in a hot tub of water (for me it makes me look like a just-cooked snow crab) can make your day and end it.

Today I had that feeling, lying in the bath, loving it, even washing my hair and shaving my legs, all the things a woman likes to take the time to do when she can. Soaking up the silence and adoring my soothing moment I finally finished with legs and arms feeling rubbery both from the pruning of the water and the relaxation.

Getting out of the tub I was reveling in my wonderful sensations and rubbing my legs with my long soft towel when to my surprise I noticed a man’s pretty good-looking legs (well, a girl’s gotta look, right) right beside me. He was wearing dark shorts with a black belt but I didn’t look any higher because fear broke my revelry. That’s when I gazed into the mirror which extends across my bath and realized there was really no one physical there although my heart was pounding just the same.

Being naked in front of a ghost isn’t my favorite past time but they don’t seem to notice.

It took me some time to calm down. There went my Calgon moment.

Da Juana

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