There’s nothing like sitting in the comfort of one’s home feeling safe and secure….

There’s nothing like sitting in the comfort of one’s home feeling safe and secure, knowing you and your dog are the only ones there, only to see a shadow cross the table on which your iced tea is sitting right beside you. That means the person is right behind you. Talk about getting your attention. That will. The hair on your neck raises and you become more acutely aware of your surroundings.

That’s been happening a lot lately along with catching the occasional man decked out in dark colors from the corner of my eye. He reminds me of an ex-uncle-in-law who could be here to let me know his sister will be moving over to the other side soon. Of course that’s information I don’t want to pass on.

Ghosts always visit me and mostly they’re quite courteous but there are times as you’ve heard from me before that they can make my heart pound and I’m a seasoned medium.

Gabrielle, my dog, has the chance to have adrenaline pumping too and has for the last few days. Maybe she’s coming to terms with the shadow person too. Being very careful to hug the wall now to our bedroom door, she escapes that doorway as quickly as she can. Guess I’m going to have to have a talk with this one too.

When something unusual happens I generally look to see if there’s a logical explanation first. Most often they’ll remind me in no uncertain terms that there is no logic to their ghostly visit but I still have to investigate because of my questioning mind.

Lately though, this shadow person wants to make it abundantly clear he’s here along with the others. Just to let you know male ghosts are about as bold as they were in life so they tend to make showy entrances whereas female ghosts are most often a little softer in their manners but not always.

Da Juana

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