Thinking about…….

Do you ever have a day when you are in contemplation all day long? As you know already, I love to think but today has been very different in that I am constantly piecing together items that I might want to do in the future. Not only that but I have been listening to the other side as they give some very good comments. The other side is one of the items that I am very grateful for in the list of wonderful things in life. And they help me immensely.

Today has been the sort of day that even though I am speaking to what we consider live people, I almost feel that is an interruption of what I need to think about. Don’t get me wrong. I am not begruding the people I talk with today but……the contemplation is just so nice. And I still seem to be functioning. At least no one has told me that I’m not.

Now the day before Valentine’s a man might have told you I wasn’t. Claude and I were at WalMart. Since the stroke, when he is there the lighting really bothers him. We were standing in the checkout line, with Claude holding onto the cart. That helps him stand there more easliy because he has something to help him keep his balance. While I was thinking about going to the checkout in front of us, a man pushes by everyone in line and says to me, “Mamm, will you move your cart?” Now, he could see that my husband was holding the cart.

I said, “Sure,” and tried to move over for him but it wasn’t quick enough because Claude and I were having a hard time getting it over.

The man was ugly and made and ugly sound with his voice. He besmirched my husband and that’s not something a southern woman will allow especially when her husband is handicapped. That’s all I needed. The Louisiana, where I was born, came out in me. Anyway, I looked at the man and said, “My husband can’t see well and he is having trouble moving this buggy, Sir.” Emphasis on the sir as I, menacingly, took a step towards him.

With that, the man drops his head and tries to look the other way but being the sweet person I am, I wanted him to note what he had done. He must have thought I was crazy. When I turned back around to take care of the cart and Claude, I noticed the man standing behind Claude giving me a, “You done good, girl,” look. He smiled like he wanted a wife who would go crazy on a man who besmirched his good name.

As a psychic first, human later and wife even after that, I try to be nice. Sometimes it just isn’t possible. I am a very protective wife, mother, dog mother, friend and teacher. Maybe that is why I have had a day of thinking.

Da Juana