Thinking is a constant…

For me, thinking is constant and not just about what I’m doing at the time. Most people can stay on one subject and see it through to the end. I see it through but my mind is dealing with much, much more too.

Possibly because I’m a medium my mind never stops. Even as I’m trying to go to sleep, I can’t stop the thought process. And it’s not just my thinking but it’s also the people on the other side who add to my thinking opportunities with their open discussions anytime and anyplace. Many nights I lay there thinking and listening to the others talk or answer when I finally offer some personal tidbit to the issue at hand. And we don’t always stay on one subject either.

And then there are the nights, like last, that I close my eyes and am privy to some of the most spectacular effects such as one I saw that I’m let you hear. It reminded me of some fantastic commercial and it was beautiful. When I say that the screen (like a movie) behind my closed eyes was black, you’re going to probably tell me that it’s that way for everyone but…. until last night, when I close my eyes it’s never black. There is always something going on from some serene scene to people doing everything imaginable.

Last night the scene was black. What appeared on the bottom left corner was something almost like a Viking boat made of yellow-gold and showing up as a bar of that shining light, with yellow lighted (aura) people with orange auras in the boat, quickly moving across the landscape of black much as if they were floating across the ocean. When these people who were looking at me with love in their hearts reached the top right of my vision, the boat and they slipped over the side as if they’d rode a wave over away from my sight.

These people sent me a message at the time which I won’t disclose because it was of a personal nature. After watching this spectacular, peaceful display, you’d think that I went right off to sleep but that wasn’t the case. I had others talking and showing me great things too.  Can’t wait until tonight to see what’s cooking.

Da Juana