This cold.

Last night I was awake thinking about this cold that’s been plaguing me for the last couple of weeks or months or years, whatever it’s been.  And I came to this conclusion about this blankety blank cold.More...

About two months ago, I noticed that my fingernails showed that I am low of zinc.  Because zinc is something you can overdose on, I thought that I was getting enough in my multivitamin but there were the tell-tale signs on my fingers and they didn’t look like my friend, Connie’s, multiple, flashy, rings either.  I told her that she must have been a crow in a past life because she loves anything shiny. 

After doing some research yesterday into a very well known cold-stopping holistic medicine, I realized that it’s made of zinc.  Well, it doesn’t take a genius to put together that my lack of said vitamin and the zinc that comes in the holistic medicine could be my problem.  If zinc in the holistic meds could stop my cold, then, and this is the way my mind works, I brought on the cold by not having enough zinc in my body.  Because I take thyroid, it depletes my zinc reserves. 

As the psychic I am, I saw the cold coming and chastised myself thinking that I was creating it, and I was.  A tangled web, isn’t it?

Anyway, this morning I started supplementing with zinc again.  It makes me sick at my stomach but hey, that’s got its good affects too.  I seem to be getting rid of extra pounds.

Hopefully, the cold bug is gone to stay.

Da Juana