This morning, before getting ready to go to the gym….

This morning, before getting ready to go to the gym, I took my girls outside while the last stars were shining. The moon looked glorious in its narrowly lit position flanked by stars with Sagittarius floating quietly close.

For some time I stood looking up at the heavens marveling at how beautiful the world looked so early in the morning and how clearly the stars twinkled. A cold front had come in and had left just enough chill in the air to make me feel like my birthday season had started.

Walking in nature has always healed me and it helped me again this morning. I stood and enjoyed my surroundings in total amazement. Like snowflakes, each new moment brings situations and events that totally differ from the last and any other moment in time.

For those who wonder about a universal hand in making sure there is nothing done by accident, watching the earth move through watching the stars will surely confirm a divine touch. That meditative moment lends to some awesome interaction with God.

My life has brought so many good things home that I always live in gratitude though I might not use my mouth to express the words.

So today I’d like to say, “Thank you God for everything.”

Perhaps you’d like to give the same gratitude with a smile.

Da Juana

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