AS A PSYCHIC AND MEDIUM it isn’t good for me to drink. Although when people hear I don’t drink because my mouth tends to say things I shouldn’t, most want to provide me with libation just to hear what I say. My psychic medium speech can run the gamut from “Sorry someone you love is going to die,” to “You can win on that machine.”

Now, would you in good conscious, provide me a drink without knowing exactly what would come from my mouth? I wouldn’t. A toss up like that can have you crying or cheering but not sure of which on any given occasion.

With that in mind, the other day at lunch with two friends, Sandra and Alice, we were discussing just that. I had bought my own drinks at the time because I was with someone I could trust and White Russians are so good. AND I haven’t done something like that in years.

At any rate we were at a gambling casino which if you know me you know I don’t like to gamble. But I was there and ordering high priced drinks along with treating them like high priced water. Even the very nice waitress asked whether she could get me water. Since I was staying at their hotel they didn’t have to worry about me driving. So they kept bringing them. I was sober enough to stay away from the bathroom and to wonder if I’d hate myself in the morning. All I can say is that the cream in drinks must have kept my stomach coated.

As a psychic and medium I try to control most of what I say but it doesn’t always work.

Well Alice and I were gambling, laughing and drinking until I thought I needed something to slow me down like dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and then took off back to the room in which she likes to gamble. Like most drunks I was whispering when I said and pointed to the machine, “That one is going to win big time.” Then I pointed to the one on the left side and said, “That one will give money after the other does.”

Alice looked at me and at the little on man who was next to us and who had when I pointed and made my proclamation, in a whisper mind you, started to shuffle like the man on “Laugh In” towards the machine I pointed cutting us off on the way.

That was just rude. On the second pull he won a considerable amount of money. Alice made sure I noticed. As soon as he did that he went to the machine on the left while waiting for the casino managers who pay your money and won again.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion as we watched him do what I’d just said in a whisper.

Have you ever heard a drunk whisper? Me either. Alice as sweet as she is waited until a few days later to let me know that everyone in that room had heard me whisper. She also said that I was to get her by her hand and lead her to the machine next time instead of saying a word. That little old man didn’t even thank us and his wife told us he wins all the time.

Now you see why this psychic and medium doesn’t drink.

Da Juana