This weekend….

This weekend, Connie and I took a couple of days off and went to a friend’s lake cabin down in the hill country.  It was beautiful down on the Guadalupe River.  The three of us women had more fun and laughed until we cried.  This was something I truly needed.  You know how it is with women.  We try to do for everyone but ourselves and I think good psychics are even worse about it.More...

Have I mentioned that Connie likes water?  This woman will find a mud hole to get into if nothing else is available and it doesn’t have to be big enough for her whole body either.  As long as she thinks she’s getting wet and getting cool, that’s enough for her.  And this weekend wasn’t any different.  We weren’t going swimming though.  Our friend took us to see one of the loveliest rivers I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a few.  It was the Blanco. 

And what did Connie do when she saw it?  She hopped out of the car and said, “I’m going to get my feet wet.”

We were going out to eat but went there first.  She sneaked under the barricade and eased over to the dam.  Thank God it wasn’t very deep.  Holding her shoes in her hand, she eased off onto the dam.  I watched in slow motion as her feet went out from under her, her butt landed on the concrete and her head hit.  It scared the bejeebers out of me.  Her baptism in the Blanco wasn’t too bad because she didn’t go over the dam.  She looked over at me and got up with her hand on her head and started towards me.  And she was doing good too for about two steps.  Then, with the grace of a perfect ballerina, she turned without moving her feet, fell on her butt again, hit her head and got even wetter. 

Now, I’m beside myself and dash under the barricade.  She looks up at me as if she can’t believe her situation.  To make matters worse, a little kid walks in right beside her.  Did she fall?  Noooooooooo.  But Connie is now on all fours and I’m trying to get her out of the water.  She doesn’t get off the all fours until I take her by the hand and lead her out. 

All this time our friend, Janice, has been talking on the phone and because she wanted to dip her feet too, has gotten a towel out of the back of the car.  She sees Connie coming up out of the water and starts chewing her out for going swimming without her.  Janice hadn’t seen our graceful Connie take the dive.  Connie can’t explain because she’s trying to wring her clothes and hair out but her makeup looked good.  The water didn’t wash it off.  Janice finally gave up her towel.  Then we went to eat.

It was a great weekend.

Da Juana