Those you love…..

Right now, I’d like for you to think about those you love, even those loved ones you might be estranged from.  As a psychic, I’ve seen so many who had problems with someone in the family, didn’t speak for years and then lost them to death.More...

This blog is for you.  If you’ve had that happen, then you’re learning a great life’s lesson.  That is to understand that none of us are alike and that each of us has our own thoughts.  With that in mind, unless someone has done bodily harm to you, think about it.  Can you forgive? 

I’ve heard those who said they wouldn’t go to an estranged loved ones funeral, that is, until the loved one died.  Death brings forgiveness in a big way.  The finality of not being able to see that loved one again in a physical manner changes minds.  So many people have come to me to talk with those loved ones after death.  Do it now so that you can see their faces and hear them speak.  It’s so much better.

So, take my experiences with others to heart when I mention that forgiveness and letting each live life without one controlling the other is a wonderful spiritual insight learned before the death of a family member.

Allowing is the key.  Just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean you can’t at least say, “I love you.”  You’ll be glad you did.

Da Juana