Three presidential candidates….

Since we have three presidential candidates now, I thought that I’d take a look at their astrology. 


First, let’s look at the lady running for the highest office in the land.  If you’re a woman, you have to be particularly grateful that she’s running even if you don’t agree with her or her politics.  Before looking at her horoscope, I could have told you that she feels like a Scorpio, which is her sun sign but most would never believe that the secret self of this lady is a Pisces.  Scorpio can be hurt easily but they have a horrible sting.  Pisces gets hurt and takes it to heart and she keeps her hurt to herself.  Her ascendant is how we all see her and that is in Gemini.  As we say in the south, she talks real good but we’re just not certain cause she’s a woman.  Gemini the twins, always shows two sides to the story.  By the way, that’s my ascendant too.  And you already know my two puppies, which I know you’re getting tired of me saying, are Pisces.More...

Now, on to Mr. McCain.  We have the same name except mine means Of John and his is just plain old John.  Anyway, back to his astrology.  You know how he’s worked in Congress towards making our financial picture a little more stable.  That’s his accountant sun sign, Virgo.  His moon or secret self, Capricorn, makes him even more business minded.  Both can make him just the least bit stubborn, but don’t we all have some of that?  He’s a man after my own heart where his ascendant lies, Libra.  You know that’s my sun sign and we try to be fair as all get out but we’re apt to shake the boat in order to get attention too.  The philosopher’s of the Zodiac on a great many levels, we will argue.

On to the last but not least democratic candidate now.  Barack Obama, with his nice head of hair, sits staring out at the crowd knowing he’s king and he really is with his Leo sun sign.  With his Mercury also in Leo, he can enthrall you with his speeches.  His sense of drama can make all heads turn and we like it.  His Taurus secret self needs peace and emotional steadiness.  Rarely do you find this man upset but you don’t want him to go there either because that Scorpio ascendant, which is how people see him, will make you think he’ll sting first and ask questions later.  He shows that in order to keep from having to sting.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little astrological foray with aspects not often brought to the fore by newscasters.

Happy Weekend,

Da Juana