Threes’ seem to be popping up for me everywhere right now.  In numerology, threes’ are artistic, energetic, brilliant (no wonder they’re popping up for me) and represent past, present and future along with being the number for family.  Well, let me see, besides loving my family, what have I got going on that keeps putting threes’ in front of me?  Mysti’s been sick.  Claude’s trying to find his way again and so am I.  We’ve got lots of things going on and the number “three” is very big in our lives right now.  The universe seems to put markers out in your life to allow you to see, if you will, what is in store for you.  Hope I’m not sounding like a flaky psychic.

You know that I don’t believe in coincidence as I’ve already mentioned in the last couple of days and maybe for a few years now too.  But, and here it goes again, three’s are in my life big time and mean something very special for me right now.  When the owl did three bows in front of me and brought two other friends, I thought that was an omen.  And in some measure he was a guardian angel for me right then in delivering a message.  In the same manner, while talking with a woman who called today to see what we have in the way of psychic abilities, I got another hit on the three’s.  Out of the blue, she told me that her favorite number was a three.  It was as if she had come as a guide too to help me with my three situation now. 


As I’ve mentioned before and probably will again because you know I’m getting older each day, guides come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  From an owl to a lady, I’ve got some good guides.  They’re not always who and what you’d expect but I’ve been very lucky in having them come to me at times in my life they are needed and sometimes when I didn’t think they were needed too.  I try to always listen to the message though sometimes I have to be almost hit on the head with it.  Are you noticing the messages put before you? More...

Da Juana