Threes’ seem to be popping up for me everywhere right now.  In numerology, threes’ are artistic, energetic, brilliant (no wonder they’re popping up for me) and represent past, present and future along with being the number for family.  Well, let me see, besides loving my family, what have I got going on that keeps putting threes’ in front of me?  Mysti’s been sick.  Claude’s trying to find his way again and so am I.  We’ve got lots of things going on and the number “three” is very big in our lives right now.  The universe seems to put markers out in your life to allow you to see, if you will, what is in store for you.  Hope I’m not sounding like a flaky psychic.

You know that I don’t believe in coincidence as I’ve already mentioned in the last couple of days and maybe for a few years now too.  But, and here it goes again, three’s are in my life big time and mean something very special for me right now.  When the owl did three bows in front of me and brought two other friends, I thought that was an omen.  And in some measure he was a guardian angel for me right then in delivering a message.  In the same manner, while talking with a woman who called today to see what we have in the way of psychic abilities, I got another hit on the three’s.  Out of the blue, she told me that her favorite number was a three.  It was as if she had come as a guide too to help me with my three situation now. 


As I’ve mentioned before and probably will again because you know I’m getting older each day, guides come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  From an owl to a lady, I’ve got some good guides.  They’re not always who and what you’d expect but I’ve been very lucky in having them come to me at times in my life they are needed and sometimes when I didn’t think they were needed too.  I try to always listen to the message though sometimes I have to be almost hit on the head with it.  Are you noticing the messages put before you? More...

Da Juana

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    I think I am your THREE. I have been trying to get a hold of you. I mailed you a question through your website about a dream I have been seeking help with. I say seeking... I have asked my family and close friends, but you are the only "outsider" I have tried to contact. I have been trying to figure out a way to get your attention without alarming you. I think it is appropriate that threes are the answer. I have 3 full names that I routinely go by. This annoys most people. I have listened to the owls in the middle of the day. When I went outside to see if I could see them, I saw instead 3 very large birds flying in a pattern over the front of my 3 acres. They circled a few times (3?) and left without returning. I am currently a cosmetics rep for a company which promotes using "The Power of Three" inorder to reach success. I read this sentence every day when opening my notebook of recruiting materials. When I signed up for this blog, the code mailed to me is made of all numbers divisable by 3 and in sets of 3-I do not know anything about numerology, but it is appropriate for this situation. My phone number is also set up in the same way, which I left with the first e-mail I sent to you. My final example of why I think I am your 3 is that I have within the past week or so had 3 dreams which were all so strong that I had to contact the person I dreamed about to tell them about the dream. Two of the dreams had owners. One, the one I need your help with, did not. The other two were so real to the people I contacted that each of them thought it was amazing.One told me I knew about something that only she and one other person could ever know AND for me to promise not to tell anyone her secret. I was looking for a Christian to talk to and you are the one. As a side note, I am part native American, know that when an owl mentions your name it is very significant, have been offered a dream catcher to help me with my nightmare, and I do not believe in coincidence...only fate.Why did you sign your titled email Coincidence "Happy Dreams"? That was the day I first attempted to contact you about my dream. Coincidence? Thank you in advance, Three-Renee-Three

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