Most of us know the technical scientific reasoning behind thunder but it’s one of those magical assaults on our senses that can leave us shivering with fear or impressed by the deafening bass that strikes to our very core.More...

Right now, I’m listening to the intermittent score played by God.  Moments of silence precede marvelous bass drums.  Not even the birds make noise when this is happening.  It’s as if they are enjoying the majesty of creation too. 

Other noises seem to highlight the thunderous roar especially with the hard times of tornadoes crisscrossing our country at the moment.  My brother’s new home was one that just barely missed the destruction caused by those monumental weather events.  His home was touched but left upright while his neighbor’s homes were destroyed.  That calls into question how something so malevolent can hit one house and leave the one next to it standing.

Rain is falling in small wisps so that noise from it is at a minimum unlike our recent deluges.  The only problem with all this good stuff, as long as it stays benign, is that I have to get out in it today. 

I love differing weather patterns and seasons but I also love them to be kind.  Just got me thinking about nice balmy breezes coming in off the Pacific and warm days with trees swaying, and the smells.  Oh, Hawaii, I miss you too.  Think I could go for more mundane weather days there.

Da Juana