Today we have had a little rain with some nickel sized hail and some good thunder. I say good thunder but Madeline doesn’t believe that. Because of the MS she has a real problem with loud noises. We have her now where she doesn’t run cowering to the bath room to hide anymore but….today she almost jumped out of my arms.

Remember I told you how she likes to hug. Well that was a prerequisite today. Of course the last three days, I think she needs to be hugged because, with the MS, she sometimes gets nauseous. When she does that and is not feeling particularly well, she asked that I hold her. And you know I don’t mind that. While I was looking out the window at the hail, because I am a curious sort, lightening and then a large clap of thunder hit. Madeline panicked and I had to really talk with her.

Before Mysti and Madeline the only dog I ever knew to be scared of thunder, who lived with me, was my Muffin. Since Mysti is her reincarnation, and she was scared as a puppy, I had to tell her that we weren’t going to go through that particular phobia this life. She stopped. Then Madeline came along. So, there must be a reason that we are all dealing with this now.

Mysti, like Muffin, knows so many words and she reads my mind. Madeline is very intelligent but she has other things to do. Mysti is my regal lady. Madeline is my little tramp. Both know what is required of them and most of the time they are good about it but Madeline will go into something with the idea that she is going to do it come hell or high water. Mysti just pushes on occasion because she gets tired of being so nice.

These little furry children are loved so much by Claude and me. They are truly our babies.

Da Juana