Have you noticed how quickly this year is racing by or is it just me?  Maybe it’s because I’m a little older or maybe it really is raging on to completion.  It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year.  Then we went on to recognize Claude’s three-year anniversary of life after the stroke.  Next it was our wedding anniversary.  Then his birthday and well, the year is over half over.  Did I say that right?More... 

It seems I live by a calendar now and that should be okay but I’m a Libra with an Aries moon.  That means I need to be able to get myself ready on the spur of the moment to do something exciting and different.  It doesn’t mean I have to stay in that moment forever like some things I’ve done but rather I can enjoy just a little bit of a change for a moment. 

This year, however, has been living by the calendar completely and not just that.  My days seemed to be planned out completely for me.  For someone who doesn’t like that much structure, I’ve been really, really, did I say really, structured lately or at least for this year?  I can feel it coming on, a put your panties in your purse and run kind of thing.  Just for a moment.  Then I can come back and start the calendar all over again. 

Oh, I forgot.  I can’t.  I need to help Mysti at ten thirty and Claude has to have certain items done for him today and I need to do readings and I need to wash clothes.  Whew!!!!  Maybe tomorrow I’ll throw those undies in my purse, sit on the beach, drink I don’t know what but I’ll drink it.  When people aren’t around I won’t be scared of my mouth saying something that might make others look at me with their mouth open.  Okay, okay, I’m fearful of drinking and telling people when they might make it to the other side.  Not good in crowds or if you want any friends and I really try hard not to do that.  See I told you being friends with a psychic or even married to one isn’t always easy.

Another thing……it seems as if something else is just around the corner.  Are you feeling it too?

Da Juana