Time is really all we have!

Lately, I feel as if I am running, working very hard and accomplishing things but I don’t seem to be making any headway. Now, I know that is human and that if I keep on then I will get it all done. I think.


It seems the more I do, the more that comes for me to do. Don’t think that I should complain though. Am very proud that I have work. But there is work and then there is worrrrrk. The kind that you love. And it seems the kind that I love is taking a backseat to the kind that I have to do.


And that got me to thinking. All we really have in life, besides the opportunity to learn, is time. What was that old song that I love to hear so much, “Time…ime…ime is on my side, Yes it is.” That one. You know they were right. But the human part of me says that I want to get caught up, do the work I love and be able to lie beside the pool some too. Oh, did I mention, I need to clean house and cook too. Well, I got time.


Da Juana