Today I had my eyes dilated….

Today I had my eyes dilated so they could check to see if I had a detached retina.  Guess it’s good that I got it done now but it was a little worrisome.  Right now, I’m having problems looking at the computer because there’s just so much light. More... 

They told me that it would take four to six hours to get back to normal.  Wonder if they know how really normal I am?  But I did get good news though.  The little lightening flashes I was had been seeing wasn’t a detached retina.  It was because I’d been sick with the cold.  Cuss, cuss.  Can you believe it? 

Relief is relief though even if I can’t open my eyes very wide and I have a headache right across my forehead from all the light.  But you know what?  I’m so glad that I can see.  Bless Claude’s heart, it’s hard on him.

Oh, what the doctor did tell me was to put tears in my eyes twice a day.  I thought I had enough because sometimes my eyes water and mess up my makeup, but not so.  He says my eyes are dry.

My eyes are great he says.  That’s my Merry Christmas present. 

Da Juana