Today I noticed in the news that men are crying more…..

Today I noticed in the news that men are crying more and are seen as humanized. How nice! I call hooey!

When a woman does this, she’s seen as emotional, no really hormonal. You’ve heard all the jokes about why a woman shouldn’t be president of the United States. Well if you haven’t, it’s because at certain times of the month she might be quicker to pull the trigger, if you know what I mean.

Well, I’m a woman this time around and I resent that joke although I’m thinking that there is something good to the fact that men think we can be less than understanding at certain times. Moreover that they’re unsure of when that time really is. It’s good we keep them guessing.

As a woman, I cry and get truly upset about it because I know what goes with the stereotyping. Some reasons for a tear burst are movies that get to me or when I see an animal or children hurt and sometimes just because it feels good to cry. At other times, such as when I’m ill, I cry. My thoughts are that’s because I get angry with myself for taking the time to be ailing. Also, because I’m a psychic and a medium, there are times I tear up when channeling and I know that’s not hormonal. Then there are those times when I get angry with another. That takes some doing but if you see a tear well up and you’ve given me ample opportunity for anger, perhaps you’d better move as far from me as possible because I do try to remain spiritual but……

Most women I think are like me with crying and that’s a good thing because it can clear the air without our having to do something men think crazy. And we really don’t want to give them more reason to think we’re irrational, do we?

But back to the men. Men cry more now than I’ve seen them do over the last twenty years. Men from all walks of life, including presidents, express sorrow through tears. Some of the sorrow is a contribution from being caught for some wrong-doing, some because they want to impress and some purely out of the need to cry like a woman.

Oh, and let me go just one step further on the reason men cry. It actually can be hormonal, yes, I said it. Our food supply is laden with hormones now from soy (women are supposed to eat if for better hormone functioning) to growth hormones which might promote hormone issues in men too. Notice I said too which means also but did I really need to tell a woman that? Of course not.

But tell me women, how do you feel when you see a man cry?

Da Juana

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