Today is my dead brother’s birthday.

Today is my dead brother’s birthday. In about seventeen days is his rebirth or what most would perceive as his death day.

He was a United States Navy Seal, not a small feat, believed in his country and his fellow man and tried to be civil to everyone unless they did something to deserve his retribution. This man loved his family and wanted everyone he knew and loved to be happy and content. He worked hard and played hard when he decided it was time.

He’s missed by so many as evidenced at his funeral and his viewing. After listening to people he knew all over the country speak of my little brother I saw someone wholly different and yet so much alike the person with whom I grew up. Not to mention this man was one of the best looking men any of my friends had ever seen. At six-four and with a ready smile he made all the ladies try to get his attention.

Though I miss him so much and could go on and on about his virtues and otherwise the point I’m trying to make is that when people die they choose a time close to some anniversary they love. For him it was his birthday and my other brother’s. He loved that time of year.

As a pyschic and a medium when giving a reading and looking at the death of someone I always look to see whether a certain holiday or any type celebration was the one who died or the one who’s going to die’s favorite. Generally it will be close. For instance a mother wants her family to remember her so she chooses Mother’s Day. There is always a reason and from what I’ve learned people choose the time and method of their death.

While we’re using him as example here let me say to my brother, “Happy Birthday. I miss you and love you so.”

Da Juana

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