Today my daughter…..

Today my daughter told me two or three things.  One of her suggestions, if you can call it that, was that I’m too melancholy in my blog lately.  I didn’t think I was but she took about 30 minutes of my time, which seems to be very little lately, to tell me that I was.  Again, I don’t see anything wrong with the title, “Misery of others, Living, and Two-car family.”  Well, “Misery of others,” might be just a tad depressing.More... 

Then this child of my womb went on to say that I need to let her set up more time for my doing private readings.  Did she just mention that I need to give up a little more time out of my schedule?  Let me see, I have all the family duties of being a wife and full-time caretaker to my husband Claude since his stroke, mother to our puppies, homemaker, car-pooler, one-car pooler, cook, psychic/medium, writer, web host and content provider and I sandwich in radio and television appearances.  I’ll stop there even though there’s more.  My precious, sweet, only daughter decides that what little time I have left needs to go to my doing more psychic readings.  Thank God, she thinks I’m a good psychic even though she thinks I’m a down in the dumps writer at the moment. 

So, like any good mother would, if you want to comment to my sweet daughter or want to make an appointment with me so that I can do more readings as she so strongly suggested, God, she reminds me of Claude, you may reach her by emailing customer service on our site.  Because she told me I need more to do, lets give my little, sweet daughter more to do.  Please write her and let her know that I’m not always melancholy. 

Because I’m a good mother, I’ll be doing more psychic readings.  If you want one, please me by giving her more work to do.  Make her make the appointments.

Da Juana