Today my friend and baby dog, Madeline Suzanne, died

Today my friend and baby dog, Madeline Suzanne, died. She came into this life with spunk, lived it and died in the same manner.

A vet told me after she was adopted and weighed less than a pound that he didn’t give her a fifty-fifty chance to live. She beat his odds and went on to live an eleven-almost-twelve-year life all-be-it with challenges.

My shoulder puppy made me laugh and she made me cry. She gave me the best hugs I’ve gotten except from my daughter when she was a baby and now from my grands occasionally. I could always count on Madeline to light up my life.

Some years ago, I mentioned that she had a big heart. Within a week I found that she really did and that’s what took my beautiful, intelligent baby.

After her death today, I saw her painlessly bounding across fluffy, white and dark clouds. She’s no longer confined to back legs that hurt and a body that keeps her prisoner.

I’ll miss hearing her name even though it’s me saying it. So, I’ll continue to call out to her just as I have my father and brother until I can no longer speak.

She’ll be missed. She already is.

I love you, Madeline.