Today my smallest fifteen year old, grand dog,

Today my smallest fifteen year old, grand dog, with the help of a kindly vet, is now able to hear and to see again in heaven.  He left behind a mother whose hurting horribly, and a human brother who loved him dearly.  This small tuft of hair made a huge impression upon all who knew him.  His energetic little bottom twisted and turned with enthusiasm when he thought about being picked up but because everyone was so much larger than him, would run away knowing that with being picked up came the sensation of being on the biggest roller coaster anyone has ever ridden.

He got his point across when he wanted attention and he loved that attention too.  He also had a private side, a sneaky, let me see what I can get away with side and he meant business with everything he did.  He’s going to be missed greatly. 

Not only did my daughter lose her baby puppy boy, she got more proof that her son is much like his grandmother.  He had been gone when mother took her baby to the vet.  Because the puppy stayed to himself mostly now, or turned in tiring circles wherever he could hide to do it, my grandson shouldn’t have known he was gone but he walked straight into the house and asked his mother if she’d taken his dog to be put to sleep.  When asked if his grandfather, not my husband, had told him, he told her a lie in order to get her to admit she had.  Then, faced with the certainty that the puppy was gone, and he now knew, he told her no one had told him.  She called her father to make sure and he hadn’t told either.

Bless my daughter’s heart, in her grief, she has to deal with a son who’s like his grandmother.  Both my babies are psychic, as is everyone, but my daughter doesn’t want to believe she’s like me, logically she can’t be, she thinks.  My grandson constantly astounds her with his psychic ability.  I’m proud of it but I don’t want my daughter upset about his ability or hers.  She has enough to deal with right now.

Da Juana