Today, while at a friend’s house, I saw his dead father walking across the back yard.

Today, while at a friend’s house, I saw his dead father walking across the back yard. Only a week or less ago, I saw his dead mother come out of his bedroom and walk across his den. Finally, after seeing his father, I mentioned it this morning and inquired as to whether there was an anniversary or birthday around this time.

While sitting on my patio talking with my friend, Cathy, about work, my dear dead brother came to me and gave me a message for my mother which she treasured by the way. As you know my dead father still visits and we have some conversational doozies even after his death.

But that’s not my reason for mentioning these wonderful events. The reason I’m relating this is because family is always family. They may reincarnate in different ways but in this life whoever was your family will always be your family and show up on the other side to a medium, such as me, in that manner even if the medium is seeing these people two or three lifetimes or more down the line.

Say for instance you are speaking with me and I see your dead mother’s grand aunt. That great aunt may have reincarnated into your precious baby son but she’s showing up as your mother’s grand aunt in the reading because that’s what she was.

Also, there are times that those who have reincarnated can come to you as the ghost they were in another lifetime. Take your precious son. He was your mother’s great aunt. Spirit is eternal just as Biblical scripture pronounces. Therefore any lifetime that a spirit has lived becomes part of what a medium can see.

On another note, there are some mediums that can read your future, meaning your future life and what you’ll do there spiritually.

But I digress. Back to parents and to the nice messages we get from them even after they’re gone to the physical. They still watch us after life on earth. Think about that for a guardian angel. Then instead of “What would Jesus do?” Think of how you’d feel if one or the other of your parents was guiding you and watching from the other side everything you do but don’t get paranoid now. They’re not judgmental and love you as they always did. Just think about what you’d do if you knew they were watching.

Da Juana

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