Today while talking with a friend I remembered an extremely important spiritual lesson.

Today while talking with a friend I remembered an extremely important spiritual lesson. It is essentially that words have power.

Most know that I never use the word “power” and try not to ever use the word “never,” but obviously missed out on the use of never here.

Power though is inbred in the form of ego when you’re born and I figure I have enough ego as is. Therefore, instead of using power when saying I have psychic ability, I use the word gift because others see me as something special because of my psychic and medium ability. But I know we all have this skill so really I’m no different than anyone else, perhaps just a little more in tune with my talent. Because of that I figure that my ability doesn’t need to have a bigger head than ego already created in order to keep me alive. Are we confused yet? Power is a spiritual benefit or challenge, however utilized. That’s all I’m saying.

Now, on to the spiritual power of words. We humans’ use words frivolously forgetting their power. Even I’ve been guilty of that. But words have enormous influence. If you don’t believe me, then think of the last time you’ve been down about money and exclaimed that you didn’t have enough only to find some appliance or something gave up the ghost too. Then you had to find funds for replacement of that item as well.

Jesus said that as you think from your heart, it is so. Paraphrased but on the mark. So, if you need to think something and mouth it, think constructively instead of negatively.

An instance of my mouth overloading my “something,” was when I mentioned, more than once with authority, after being in the same place for fourteen years, I was bored and wanted to move. Well, guess what, I’ve moved five times since then. Do you think the universe was listening? Now, I want to get settled but I hear I’ve got a couple more moves left from the use of my un-numbered moves insensitive words. Learn from me.

So, if you want to listen to my learned psychic counsel, watch your words.

Da Juana

P. S. Since words are powerful, think of what your name means in the influencing of your life and how many times a day you hear your name repeated. Look at to see how your name lends to your life plus how you can repair the challenges your name may bring.