Today we are getting about fifty mile-per-hour winds. I love it but I also worry about the trees. They like a little bit of a breeze; enough to blow the bugs off their leaves but this is gale force, almost. Bending under the weight of these winds can be lethal, enough so that it brings excitement through the forest, more especially if you are one of the ones on the fringes.


What might look to us humans like a beautiful dance between the trees and the wind could be the total undoing of some of our green friends. Watching them now as they sway and bend, with all their colorful foliage, I am in awe of nature’s hand in all this.


This morning I haven’t seen one bird motoring across the sky or between the branches. Isn’t it funny how animals know that there is an impending danger to them and how they take cover.


Last night, late; because I was up with this throat of mine, over the music we play each night, I could hear coyotes right behind my fence. Some poor animal didn’t make it but the coyotes were celebrating their good fortune. If you have never heard a coyote, then you should at least once in your life. It’s kind of like wanting to see the Aurora Borealis as I do before I die. There’s something sinister about a coyotes cry, unlike the mournful wolf. Wolves and their music have never bothered me but when coyotes sing, I’m glad my babies and I are in the house safe.


Speaking of singing, Mysti does a very good song on occasion and when daddy and momma chime in too, we make some great music. At least I think we do. Madeline does gives us that look though. Mysti has been known to sing with wolves that grace television, even when she’s asleep. Talk about the primal urge. It’s a wonder to watch.


Well, enough of my digression.


You have a nice day now. Stay warm and enjoy.


Da Juana