One of my favorite fruits is a tomato.  Not much taste better and it can be prepared any way from salsa (very, very good) to just plain old sliced, straight out of the garden, warm with salt and pepper.More...

Tomato is so good that I thought you might like a very good recipe I use on summer days.  It goes something like this but you have to measure exactly and you need fresh basil.  Did I stop you there?  Actually, you’re gonna love it.

The secret besides vine-ripened tomatoes is good mozzarella cheese, which is soft and comes in a package that has it made into the round.  If you can get it from a good Italian shop, even the better but if not, Sam’s Club has some good ones for about $7.00.  Oh, and don’t forget the extra virgin olive oil.  Oh, so good for you.

Now, slice the mozzarella into nice slices and put it on a plate or platter.  The cheese holds your tomato slices in place where you put it next.  Now, cut up with scissors some home grown basil over the top.  You can measure how much you want.  Me, I like a lot.  I like to sprinkle plain old salt and pepper on top but if you like sea salt, have at it.  Next, and this is very important, sprinkle extra virgin olive oil over this.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Come on summer.  What the heck?  You can eat this anytime. 

You have a very nutritious dinner salad or it might even become your whole dinner. 

Mange, mange. 

Da Juana