Tomatoes are a fruit that I love in any form from salsa to right off the vine. More... 

Today, when I visited my local fruit stand, the owner told me that he hadn’t gotten any local or statewide tomatoes in.  He only had a few organic, which I try to buy.  He mentioned that our rainy season with the immediate high heat had put crops behind about a month.  The only problem with that is that tomatoes don’t like to set their flowers in this high heat to make fruit.  And that makes it a problem for me.  I love tomatoes and only got one so far from my plant.

There is nothing like the taste of a good, juicy, home grown tomato, nothing.   And I like the real red ones.  A tomato is supposed to be red, you know? 

Dr. Oz, and I agree, that a tomato should have some olive oil to go with it.  It brings out more of the vitamins and minerals.  So, let me give you a quick recipe you might already have.  Hopefully, you have some basil too.  You can grow it very easily if you don’t have it. 

This can be made with some good mozzarella or not.  I like both ways depending upon how I feel.  Slice your mozzarella and your tomatoes to the thickness you like.  Place your tomato on the plate with a toping of mozzarella.  Take your choice of olive oil and splash lightly some over the mozzarella and tomato.  Then cut up or tear fresh basil over all.  Salt and pepper to taste and you’ve got a meal especially with some very good garlic bread which brings to mind another recipe.  But enjoy this one for now.

Da Juana