Tommorrow my puppy, Mysti….

Tomorrow my puppy, Mysti, has blood tests all day long.  It’s really only three times but I have to travel back and forth to get it done.  Each trip is about forty-five minutes.  So, I guess it is all day long.More...

Mysti will surely think it’s more than she wants.  Hope she’s still speaking to me by day’s end.  She’s generally more forgiving than her little sister, Madeline. 

Today, we were going out for a quick drive to pick up something to eat.  Because Madeline is so aggressive anyway, I make sure that I give Mysti firsts on everything, including getting into the car.  Mysti gets first cookies, first food etc..  Madeline accepts that, but sheds light on the situation each time Mysti gets firsts, with a bark and a growl.  After a little back talking to me, she’s gets okay and gets on with the program. 

I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that little Madeline pouts.  She did it today by turning her back on me even though we were in such close proximity it was hard to manage.  It happened because Mysti gets into the car first.  Madeline doesn’t want to shed light here.  She wants to bite.  This little ten-pound marvel can scuffle with the best bar brawlers when it comes to getting in the car first.  Except for mother, she could almost make it crawling over the back of her sister.  And mother corrected her by making her sit on the hard concrete of the garage floor even after sister got into the car.  It’s not easy to sit on the console between mother and daddy with her back to mother but she makes it look easy.  She was mad for the whole trip, that is, until she needed mother to get her down from the car and let her into the house. 

She’s still holding a grudge though.  Daddy’s her person of choice now.  Hope Mysti thinks mother is still worth loving tomorrow.

Da Juana