Tools and emotions

They say that humans differ from other animals because they express emotions and they use tools. To my psychic eyes, I think animals sometimes show more emotion than humans. My dogs let me know when they are unhappy with me in no uncertain terms. And it doesn’t take a psychic to see it either. Any one close can tell that they are upset just by looking.

Though others can’t hear them speak with a human voice, I can. Animals have talked with me for as long as I can remember. I just failed to realize that I could hear them until some years ago. Then, one day I realized I was hearing my little Muffin speak with a clear, concise voice. And that voice was beautiful. Now, I listen. Animals have to learn more than one way of communicating with the human species. For me, that means that they are very smart. After all, how many humans do you know that have learned more than one language? Dogs for sure do.

Another thing that animals, especially my puppies, do is that they love unconditionally. How many humans do you know that will do that?

They also have a sense of humor. All animal parents know what I am talking about. They can express sadness too. My animals can also make intelligent decisions. They learn by trial and error. We humans tend to continue to try and make something happen even when we know it won’t. Trial and error for us means it might work next time.

So when I hear someone say that animals are not as intelligent as humans, I just look at the ignorance in that particular person, smile and think to myself, here is one person that I believe they are smarter than.

Da Juana