The sound of trains has always carried good memories for me.  Songs made trains famous with such lines as:  “Hear that lonesome whistle blow.”  And it’s true.  Train whistles carry you back to another time and place.More...

We live close enough to some tracks that the sound carries and I get to listen to them many times day and night.  I’ve heard some of the neighbors complain but me, I’m in hog heaven.   

One of my wishes is that some day I’ll ride a passenger train, whiz by the country side with the comforts of home and have someone else do the driving.  Think that has become even more a wish since I do all the driving now.  Thoughts of “The Orient Express” drift through my mind with American fields or the mountain views, maybe even wine country.  

Perhaps I should get a class together to be done on a passenger train that goes up into the mountains, lets us do all sorts of paranormal things and snow ski too.  Did I mention I love skiing too?  Snow and trains.  Wow!

Da Juana