Truly nothing dies alone unless that’s its desire.

Truly nothing dies alone unless that’s its desire. When you hear that a person or animal, not to mention trees, etc.,(I know—getting far out here but…am I really?) was alone when it died, then I’d tell you that most likely it wasn’t.

We humans, like most animals, need others with us to share our lives’ adventures. That includes the process of rebirth which we call death. Have you ever noticed when you’re family invites a new baby into the world, we celebrate.

It’s the same with the other side. When someone comes finally to the end of the physical, there are family and friends there to greet them and help them through the rebirthing process, to urge them on.

This doesn’t mean that these spirit people stay with us all the time but much like any family occasion come together when the time merits. And it’s not just family and friends; there are people there whom we’ve requested, even the big names, like Jesus, Buddha and perhaps even a dead hero. This communal meeting is directed to all we desire at our big coming-out-event.

When I’ve worked with families while a loved one was dying, being the medium I am, I watch as family and friends join the dying person. They don’t always come right to the bed but may stand in the shadows so as not to overwhelm the individual. Generally one spirit will lead the way tenderly by speaking with the dying and making sure that person is ready to receive all his/her friends, which may even include long-lost, loved pets.

And, as for the pets, even an animal dying on the side of the road has their heavenly ambassadors ready when they are to leave the bonds of physical life to join their true spiritual beings one more time. It may be a human from a prior existence or some other loved animal friend.

It’s amazing that we have such commitment from those that love us but it’s also very comforting.

Da Juana

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