Trust is an invaluable asset. When you’re able to encourage that quality within yourself you can conquer most any problem in this world. Sadly, though, trust isn’t a trait that you find you can get easily. You might give others your honesty and therefore their ability to trust you but how many can you truly say you trust?

That message has been recurring in my life in massive numbers. There must be something I’m missing here. People I thought were honest with me weren’t. Being the psychic I am, when I care for someone, I want to believe that they are honest too. Learning again and again through experiences isn’t easy but spiritually what I’ve learned through talking with the other side is that you keep on with the lesson until you’ve achieved that lesson’s goal. Does this mean there’s no one I can trust?

I hear others say that they’re okay with little white lies. That’s a problem for me and I’ve always chalked it up to the fact that person can’t be trusted. But does telling a little white lie make a person untrustworthy?

My experience now is learning that a person I trusted for most of my life has never been trustworthy. In looking back the signs were there. As Oprah says of Maya, “Learn to trust your instinct when you get the first sign.” (Loosely quoted but oh so true) Guess my lesson in this life is to quit trying to imbue others with the traits I treasure.

Da Juana