Trust, in my belief, is not a possession that you want to give to others irreverently. But most give trust freely and then wonder what went wrong when it is thrown back into their faces.

To me, now, trust is like virginity. Though I am no longer a virgin, I am a trust virgin. People have to earn my trust now. Not only do I use my psychic ability but I watch new acqaintances for a while to make sure my trust, which is very dear to me, is being given to someone who truly deserves it.

My friends have my trust. I trust them to tell me if a dress looks good on me or if I am being bi—y even though I might not appreciate their total candor at the time. Trust is truth to me. Tell me a lie, even a little one, and you put a serious dent in my trust for you. I expect the same from others that I am willing to give myself. A friends trust is like a valuable savings account. You just keep on adding to the account and watching it grow.

One of the things I cherish most is the giving and the receiving of trust.

Da Juana