Two-car family!

When you’ve been a two-car family and find yourself a one-car family, life, as you know it, changes.  Claude used to drive to get the groceries or run other needed errands while I worked.  Since the stroke, we’ve had to become a one-car family and have learned that the items we took for granted before mean so much more to us now.More...

Before the stroke, Claude did much more running than I was aware of then.  Now I am.  Everything I want to get done I have to work into my schedule.  From buying groceries, getting the gas, going to the drugstore and all those other little things you do that you just don’t think about to trying to get us to other activities on time.  But now I think about them plenty.  For a Libra who loves to fly by the seat of her pants, I’ve become more adept at following a calendar.  No more spur of the moment activities for me.  That’s another item I took for granted.  And I thought I was so good at not taking anything for granted.

Now, I fight with myself to get everything done and keep the family satisfied too.  Sometimes, that’s easier said than done.

Thank your lucky stars today for what you have.  I know I’m thankful, even for being a one-car family.

Kind wishes for your day.

Da Juana