Two dogs kissing……

Two dogs kissing sounds like our I Ching oracle or maybe a Native American name but it’s not.  It’s actually my two girls.  Lately, Madeline has been so much nicer to Mysti.  It’s nothing to catch them giving each other a little smooch while they’re playing or just being nice to each other.  It warms a mother’s heart to see her kids getting along even if they are the four footed kind.More...

Since I had the talk with Madeline about her sister being ill, she’s been trying to be better, at least, most of the time.  There’s still times when she goes crazy on Mysti but not near as often. 

Not only that but I catch her watching her sister when Mysti doesn’t know it.  The look of love is unmistakable.  No human could show more love than that little one.  And more, she’s taken to putting her favorite toy right beside Mysti while she sleeps but that’s only during the day.  Those two toys sleep with her at night. 

Remember, Madeline’s the one who likes to be held by mother or daddy.  She helps me so much while riding on my shoulder.  Madeline runs her front foot down my blouse and deposits it in a certain piece of underwear, just like my daughter did when she was little, and hangs on for dear life or comfort.  By the way, her foot is located right over my heart but she has that even though her nickname is meanness.   

Dogs give love unconditionally.  They accept you just for being you but that doesn’t mean Madeline doesn’t want to ride on my shoulder or be the boss.

Da Juana