Two little words.

Someone sent me a smiley face the other day. It had two words above it and those two words make me happy all day. It’s funny how words can create emotions. They can either make you happy or sad. Fortunately for me, these words were wonderful. They were simply, “Thank You.”


I was on cloud nine all day. And when I saw them again today in my in-box, it happened all over again. Most of the time, I work for compliments. Of course, I get paid for my readings but there are times that even those are given freely. The reason I do this is because I feel I should.


The words, “thank you,” were for our horoscopes. People are able to come to our site and get free scopes and most never say a word. But there are some people who have intentionally told us how wonderful and “right-on” they are.


Think I will keep that little smiley face in my in-box just so I can start each day feeling good.


Oh, and by the way, “Thank you.”


Da Juana