Uncle James!

The other night I had a dream where someone asked me to do something I considered iffy. While in the dream, I was talking with Claude about the matter. He advised me that I should never do anything that made me feel funny or that I thought wasn’t right.

While taking his advice, I noticed someone appear on my left. Claude watched as I turned toward the person who had just arrived. When I asked the newcomer whether I should go through with the iffy subject, Claude just watched because he knew that I was speaking with a ghost. What he didn’t know was that I was speaking to a man that I loved more than anyone in my family, my Uncle James, who had died while I was very young. His answer to me was that if I went through with the iffy thing, I would most certainly be paralyzed. He used the words, most certainly be paralyzed.

In my dream, I turned back to Claude and he asked what the man had said after I explained that it was my uncle. What was even funnier is that I prefaced my question to my uncle with, “I know you are a ghost but I need your opinion.” He gave his opinion not once, but twice and it was the same each time.

The thing that really got to me was that I haven’t seen my Uncle James in years, not since he returned to body, but there he was in my time of need giving me an answer.

What we may consider dreams are not always dreams. Instead, dreams can be a forum. The dead can speak, just as my dearly departed uncle did for me.

Da Juana