Uncle Pet

The other day, while talking with my father, his younger brother, Uncle Pet, appeared.  He had his hands on the cabinet, bent over just a bit so that he could see me better and looking around a spider plant I have sitting there.  I don’t know why they nicknamed him Pet but they did.  Most of those brothers had initials for their name so I guess it didn’t matter.  His white shirt shone just it did when he was alive physically and was what made me glance up when I did.  You know how you see movement, and then glance around to see what it is.  Well that’s what happened.More...

Uncle Pet died when I was around eighteen; yesterday.  Yeah, that sounds good….Anyway, it’s been years since I’ve seen him so you can imagine my shock.  When I could get a word in edgewise with my father, I asked if he’d been thinking about Uncle Pet lately and he answered that he had.  Guess Uncle Pet just wanted me to know he’d heard but I didn’t tell daddy then.  Might later.

When Uncle Pet was sick with lung cancer my father told me that his brother had seen another of his dead brothers’ standing just outside his door.  I mentioned to daddy that when the brother came inside his room, Uncle Pet would leave.  It happened just as I said.  His brother came in to see him.  Uncle Pet told everyone who was there and then left the physical. 

Oh, and don’t worry about seeing a loved ghost.  It doesn’t mean they’ve come to get you like my aunt thought, when her best friend returned to see her and was standing outside her window.  Be nice to your relatives and friends who’ve reached the other side.  They’re not trying to take you back with them until you’re ready to go and besides they may not be the one you want to escort you.  Only the ones you want to escort you will come.

It was nice to see my uncle.  He was someone I respected greatly.

Da Juana