Undying love

Once again I am going to answer someone here.  Please bear with me.

“I know you’ll understand this. I lost my beloved sheltie to cancer last August. I’ve had dogs my whole life and have loved them all dearly but this little guy was really special – I adored him. I’m tortured by his final moments, the look in his eyes when I put him down and the emptiness in my home and in my heart. He suffered the last week of his life – before we knew it was cancer. Do you know if he knows how much I loved him and how sorry I am for his suffering and especially how much I miss him? I think about him all the time. I can’t believe he is gone.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this.



Tricia, animals come to us with a psychic knowledge that few have.  Of course he knew how much loved him and he still does know it.  In his final moments he was worried how you would handle being without him.  He tells me that you have seen him around a dark table leg.

Another thing, he isn’t gone.  Though we die to the physical, the spirit remains and as he told me, he is still around.  He’ll be back again in the body within three years so you will feel him physically again.

Talk to him and know he can hear you.

Da Juana