Unwanted memories.

Not too long ago I started thinking about when I was a child and a couple of times in my life where things happened that I couldn’t control or stop. Because I am on earth to help others this is something I want to talk about because I would like to stop this from happening to children period.


As long as I can remember I have always wanted to help others. As a child that is not always good. My daddy always taught me to be polite to adults and I sincerely tried. Not only that but the psychic part of me made me want to help even if it hurt me. My father, being the preacher he was, never let us kids go to movies. But mother did. This was before I was seven or thereabouts because mother left my father and us around then. Anyway, there were two movies in our small town, The Rialto and the Strand. They stood next to each other with a concession stand outside, between the two. I can’t remember which show, that’s what we called them, I was in but I started up the aisle from where I was sitting on the front row with some other kids. Really it was Ronnie A. His mother and my mother were friends. They were out together at the time. He taught me to kiss and he rubbed my feet. I really liked Ronnie.


At any rate, he was still sitting down on the front row and I was going out to get candy. About 10 rows up I see a man waiting for me. He has a hat, was slender built with light brown hair. This man gave me the willies. And I really should have listened to myself. He positioned himself so that I couldn’t get around him and as I tried he grabbed my wrist. Because we were trying to be quiet at the movies, he whispered as he asked if I wanted to go outside and get candy. I whispered back that I didn’t. He insisted and started pulling me along. Instead of screaming, because I didn’t want to upset him or people watching the movie, I was being led towards the door. I continued to tell him that I didn’t want to go outside to the concession stand with him but he acted as if he didn’t hear me. I knew if he got me outside, then I would die within a couple of days. But still I didn’t scream. As he kept on asking and trying to get me to walk by pulling my arm, I was astounded when Ronnie, who was a few years my senior, grabbed me by the arm and stated loudly that I didn’t want to go with the man. The man then turned and left.


We were living in a small town where everyone knew each other. I had never seen this man before and never did later. I am just thankful that Ronnie saw what was happening because I would have probably not fought the good fight.


Another incident happened at a department store with a Santa Clause. To this day, when my child is with a Santa, I tend to watch his hands carefully. That is because Santa put his hands where he shouldn’t have when I was a child. This is someone who is supposed to care about children. Most Santa’s, I am sure, do but this one had a different agenda.


My telling you about these perverse happenings is not to free myself of the weight of them because, truly, that happened at the time. This was given as information so that you can protect babies close to you. And I think all mothers, whether they have little ones or not, have the responsibility to watch out for children, theirs or others.


Da Juana