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Da Juana Byrd  Da Juana Byrd, Psychic and Medium, Astrology and so much more

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Psychic/Medium/Author/Lecturer/TV and Radio Personality

Internationally known psychic, medium, teacher, astrologer, author, lecturer, columnist, television and radio personality. Da Juana has been teaching vast audiences in various ways for sixteen years.
  • Author of “Ghosts Talk-How To Hear and Talk With Them,” “Love Letters-26 Letters that can change your life,” “What’s in a Name, ” other eBooks and numerous popular web based articles.
  • Resident psychic on the Russ Martin evening-drive radio show on KLLI FM 105.3, the number one talk station in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.
  • Resident psychic for previous “Madden in the Morning” in the Los Angeles area.
  • Hosted talk show, guest appearances on several popular Dallas-Ft. Worth radio stations and numerous across the United States. Stations included WBAP AM (these regular appearances virtually shut down the area exchange due to excessive volume of fans responding by phone), KRLD AM, the voice of the Texas Rangers (where her appearances generated more calls and more positive response than any guest in station history) and KSCS FM (the No.1 country station in Dallas-Ft. Worth, on which weekly appearances were the only non-musical programming in rotation).
  • Interviewed by Hard Copy and other TV shows because of crime-solving work with the police and the FBI.
  • Written an advice column for the Dallas based Search Magazine and currently has web based blog.
  • Featured in articles published by Fort Worth Star Telegram, The Dallas Morning News, The Dallas Times Herald, Ferrets Magazine, The Sun along with other United States newspapers both regional and national.
  • Has popular website that receives over 1 million page views per month. Visitors come from all over the world to be entertained and enlightened.

Da Juana uses her psychic predictions to educate her readers that psychic ability is a true talent. These may be seen on her website at www.dajuana.com. Some of her remarkable predictions, which are on public record, and 100% verifiable are:

  • Included are Gary Conditt and his problems with the death of Chandra Levy, Brandon Walsh and his tragic accident, Jesse Jackson with his affair, 9-11 and many others.
  • In January of 1997, Da Juana went public with her vision that the mothers of England would be crying before the end of the eighth month of that year. Princess Diana was killed in a car crash on August 31, a few hours before the end of the eighth month.
  • In early 1995, Da Juana Byrd told a gathering of media figures that she had experienced a terrible vision predicting a catastrophic explosion somewhere in the heartland of America before August of that year. On April 19, 1995, hundreds were killed when a terrorist bomb destroyed a federal building in Oklahoma City.
  • In 1995, her insights into a gruesome murder in Arkansas caused a startled police department to consider charging her with the murder. How else could she know so much about a crime that had not been publicized? She escaped possible arrest by revealing the killer’s name and picking his photo out of a stack of pictures, something she has done many times.
  • She predicted that the Dallas Stars would win the Stanley Cup in 1999. They did.
  • Her prediction that the Rams would win the Super bowl came true in 2000.Rams won.
  • A star whose initials begin with either an “M” or an “R” will announce a pregnancy in 2000. Madonna announced that she is pregnant with her second child.


Other recurring Media Appearances include:

One former program director and radio personality with whom Da Juana worked at WBAP Radio, said he had not seen anything like her since he had Elvis Presley on his station. Because the entire exchange was tied up after each of her shows, he always ended their shows with the old Elvis phrase, “Da Juana has now left the building.” He told her the phone lines stayed tied up well before she came to the station and well after she left. This disc jockey said that she had a magnetism he had rarely seen. She has the ability to make everyone listening and who calls in an instant friend.

Another radio personality dubbed her “The Amazing Da Juana Byrd,” then shortened it to only “Amazing” when she works with him. Now his listeners refer to her as “Amazing” also. On a second show, with another radio personality on the West Coast, Da Juana again received the name, “Amazing,” without his even being aware another had already dubbed her that.