Da Juana Byrd



Here are some answers to questions about ghosts before you ask because I know so many people are frightened of them, even those who say they don’t believe in ghosts.

Ghosts will start real slow with you like a man trying to impress a woman for a date and then working harder to keep her for real.

Ghosts are mostly good people, animals, plants and anything with a soul, basically everything you see. But don’t get distressed because you have so many around you.

It’s like your mother said, “Birds of a feather,” and all that. Bad ghosts don’t like to be around good people. If you’re a good person, then you have nothing to worry about.

Ghosts love to work with electrical items because after all we’re all electrical units. It makes it easier for a ghost to do something to get your attention when using electricity. Even I blow light bulbs occasionally when irritated. And most think I’m sweet even though I know there are times I’m not so nice. Those times occur when someone is trying to take advantage of my good nature. Most people who know me describe me not as abnormal but as being a cheerful, sweet person who’d help anyone. And I would but don’t try to take advantage of me. Only loved ones can do that.


Most women know of what I speak and some men as well. Being in the helping people role I’m in, because I chose it this life, can sometimes be a little overwhelming when I don’t feel like helping and someone expects it of me right then.

Women are most often the helpers of the world. This time I came back to life on earth as a woman to work in the metaphysical supernatural world. I don’t really consider it work though. It’s more like breathing for me. I wouldn’t know what to do without having this gift as part of my life.

My job on earth is to teach others how to remember the metaphysical gifts they were born with. Then watch them flower and grow to help others in the same manner or just live with it.

Now what you just learned is the reason I came to earth this time. Yes, I believe in reincarnation too. Now do you think I’m weird? My reason for doing that is because I’ve seen too much as a psychic and a medium not too. Besides I’ve asked ghosts and I’ve seen the past lives.

But back to you. Do you feel a little supernatural now? Or metaphysical? Maybe even a little paranormal? WELCOME TO MY WORLD.